Piet de Vogel

Marathon champion Piet de Vogel from Oude Tonge is known for his many top results in the marathon races. His pigeons achieved many top rankings, championships and Ace pigeon titles! Winning the WEST EUROPEAN SUPERMARATHON CHAMPIONSHIP in 2006 and achieving many top results in this championship, the ZLU Long Distance Championship and the NATIONAL MARATHON were highlights as well as two 2nd places in the PIPA IATP ranking!

The many ZLU ACE PIGEON titles were also special. The CAHORS, DRIFTKIKKER, BARCELONA DUIVIN and BAT became 1st Ace pigeon in the ZLU in a multi-year classification. The PAUMAN and the CAHORS both NR 1 in the ZLU Fondspiegel! Over the last 10-15 years, his pigeon colony has therefore been among the top of the European marathon.


What is perhaps even more important is that many fanciers with descendants of his pigeons have succeeded. His search for absolute top pigeons from Ace pigeon families and his breeding insight lead to a great pigeon collection and gene pool that have led to success in many places. Several national and international victories were achieved with descendants of his pigeons such as: 2x National Barcelona NL, 2x International Perpignan, 2x National Marseille, 2x Bergerac National NPO S2 and so on.

Breeding is therefore his real passion. Flying is silver. Breeding is gold. That is why Piet is always looking for the best and the real top quality, which he mainly finds in families of proven Ace pigeons at national and international level. It once started with a search for the best JAN AARDEN pigeons. With the purchase of the JONGE STAYER from Jac Steketee came the great successes and pigeons bred by him, the PAUMAN, MONTY BOY, BARCELONAMAN, BLUE THUNDER, would cause worldwide furore. With the purchase of the two-time National winner the PAARSBORST from Ko van Dommelen, a new path was taken and, together with the JONGE STAYER and the TARBES, they are at the basis of his many National ZLU Ace pigeons and the magnificent ACE PIGEONS line!


Pigeon sport is a tough selection game. That is why we worked closely with Carlo Dominicus as Satellite loft to help test the pigeons for the international classics!

The most beautiful dream couplings are made on a beautiful BREEDING CENTER MARATHON ELITE that has been in use since 2019! The search for Ace pigeons and National and International cracks or their children continues unabated. Stagnation means decline. Around famous breeding pigeons such as the PAARSBORST, JONGE STAYER, TARBES, and BLACK ACE, it is now the CAHORS , DRIFTKIKKER, MAX line, MR GIJS line , DELTAMAX, BARCELONA DUIVIN where top couplings are made and successful lines are developed.