Famous pigeons

2x Nat winner at the Ko van Dommelen Loft and a wonderbreeder in 2nd , 3rd etc generations including many national and international winners. His grandson BLACK ACE became 1st SEMI NAT ACE ZLU ’12 4th Nat ACE and a real topbreeder! He is sire to BLACK WARRIOR 1st S. Nat. NARBONNE, NEW ACE 6x times top 100 National. WISE GUY, NEW BLACK ACE etc. Other grandchildren are WONDER OF GOES, DRIFTKIKKER & MR AGEN

SUPERBREEDER direct inbr.son of the 1st INT. ACE ‘96 “STAYER” at the Jac Steketee Loft (100% Jan Aarden based). Sire and grandsire to many topracers and topracers for example BARCELONA MAN, PAUMAN, MARSEILLE MAN, BLUE THUNDER, PAREL, STAYER HEN etc etc.

topracer at the van Ophuizen Loft incl 6th Nat Tarbes. TARBES is a100% R. Florizoone pigeon grandson of 1st Nat Barcelona, 2nd Int. Dax. At my loft sire to 2 Nat. ZLU ACE Pigeons DE CAHORS & DRIFTKIKKER!!!