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Piet de Vogel Oude Tonge | A worldclass long distance loft

Piet de Vogel is a passionate long distance fancier who has been performing at the top of Dutch long distance racing for years
and now he also enjoys International recognition.

He studied economics and did an MBA in the USA/NL. With this background, he worked professionally as a consultant, interim manager and entrepreneur. Currently he is an entrepreneur in pigeon sport and is co-owner and initiator of the successful auction site for the extreme long distance www.toppigeons.com. In other areas, he also plays an important role within the sport of pigeon racing. He is a respected author of pigeon sport articles and would like to share his knowledge and experience with others. He was also partly responsible for the launch of the very successful TopPigeons PE granule.

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His passion, however, is pigeon racing and in particular the distance races (extreme long distance). At the beginning of the nineties he started racing alias his own name and a decision was made to specialize for the full 100 at the extreme long distance marathon races.

His colony was built with birds from top fanciers in his own region. One of the best regions in the country for the long distance. The basis pigeons were acquired from the likes of Jan Polder, Wim Kooreman, G. Kievit. Pigeons with a lot of the Steketee blood in their veins. The latter built his strain with the birds of Jan Cools (a good friend of Jan Aarden) complemented with a pinch of the Van Wanroij sort.

In addition, with the birds of Herman Brinkman (v/d Wegen) and the Brugemann Bros. (Oostenrijk/Müller) a successful strain of pigeons was moulded that Piet de Vogel further perfected through years of selecting by means of their performances in the toughest races. Renowned birds of that period were the ‘ULLRICH” and the “MONTY BOY.

It was this period that saw the introduction of the famous source cock the ”JONGE STAYER” to the loft. This son of the International Ace Pigeon Long Distance, known as the “STAYER” of Jac. Steketee, would develop into a super breeder in the loft of Piet de Vogel. One of the best of his generation.

A selection of my base pigeons:

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