References 2018

In this very heavy season again we achieved great references. References give a good picture of the quality of a pigeon colony. A confirmation for me that we are still on the right track with the breeding. Here is a list of the references that have been reported to me.

  • 1st Barcelona ZLU De Bruine 25
  • 2nd Agen ZLU C.Dominicus 100 (breeded here)
  • 3rd St Vincent ZLU M.Wijtman 50 via M vd Helm
  • 6th Barcelona ZLU Ben de Keijzer 50
  • 7th Perpignan ZLU C.Dominicus 50
  • 13th PAU ZLU AJ Maljaars 25
  • 13th St Vincent ZLU Jan Polder 50
  • 17th St Vincent ZLU C.Dominicus 100 (breeded here)
  • 23rd Narbonne ZLU C.Dominicus 100 (breeded here)
  • 60th Marseille Gebr.Janssen 50
  • 68th Narbonne ZLU C.Dominicus 100 (breeded here)
  • 3rd Nat. Asduif ZLU Narbonne 2015-2018 Mees van Ginkel
  • 4th Nat. Asduif ZLU C.Dominicus 50
  • 7th Nat. Asduif ZLU C.Dominicus 100 (breeded here)