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A proven top breeder from the golden Cor de Heijde lines of Frans Bungeneers. The Barcelona specialist from Ranst (B). He is sire to the “BARCELONA HEN” winner of 4 prizes from Barcelona and 2 from Perpignan and her nest sister “FRASJE” who was crowned ace pigeon ZLU in the club as a yearling by winning early prizes from Agen and Narbonne. Both nest sisters were in the clock on time from the tough Barcelona edition of 2015 with headwinds and tropical heat! The “MAX” is inbred to the “WITPEN” and “QUEEN TONY”

Sire to the “MAX” is also named “MAX” of Frans Bungeneers and he was successful on 6 occasions from Barcelona. He is inbred to his source cock named the “WITPEN”. The mother is a daughter of the top breeder “BLOKJE” X “QUEEN TONY”, 1st National Barcelona 2005 and the 4th International.

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