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Project Description


Magnificent characterful grandson of the world-famous “PAARSBORST”. His sire is the “BLACKSTAR”, an excellent son of the Paarsborst paired to the “STEKETEE 868 Hen”. A beautiful hen from the old Steketee lines.

This enormous characterful handful of a pigeon is the image of his renowned grandsire and twofold National winner named the “PAARSBORST”. In 2012 the ”ZWARTE AS” was crowned 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU, 1st Ace pigeon S.N.Z.H. and 1st Ace Pigeon F.B.Z. In the space of 6 weeks he arrived 3 times on the day of liberation from a marathon race in excess of 900 km!

Finished his short racing carrier after the 2016 season and won 3 early prizes

  • 15th Nat. S2 Cahors 2014 against 4.176 birds, morning liberation
  • 21st Nat. St Vincent ZLU 2014 against 3.824 birds
  • 24th Nat. S2 Cahors 2015 against 5.279 birds
  • 99th Nat. PAU ZLU 2012 against 2.650 birds
  • 189th Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2012 against 4.307 birds
  • 196th Nat. ST Vincent ZLU 2012 against 3.224 birds
  • 462nd Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2011 against 3.968 birds
  • 669th Nat. Agen ZLU 2016 against 6.887 birds
  • 738th Nat. Pau ZLU 2013 against 3.126 birds
  • 1155th Nat. Narbonne/BRAM ZLU 2016 against 5.042 birds
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