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Project Description


Terrific cock of Saya X Aarden origin, bred from the super stock pair “BLUE NEO” x “BEER HEN”.

The “VLEERMUIS” owes his name to a late arrival in the dark at 11:05 pm from the spectacular Cahors race in 2014 when Piet de Vogel recorded a world-famous result. Only 21 of the 4.176 birds reached their loft on the day of liberation. No less than 5 of the 10 birds sent from the loft of Piet de Vogel in Oude Tonge raced 861 tough kilometres with a hard NE – NW headwind and sunny weather! The numerous watchers thought that the pigeon was a bat (vleermuis), except for Piet himself. The bird landed on his shoulder before entering the loft!

His sire “BLU NEO” was a son of the top racer named “NEO” who won a 3rd Nat. ZLU Marseille. His dam was a daughter of the 2nd National Barcelona x daughter 1st National Marseille (Crombach). Dam to the “VLEERMUIS” is the “BEER 394 HEN”. A top breeding hen and dam to the 2nd Nat. ZLU Agen, 11th Nat. S2 Cahors, 13th Nat. ZLU Bordeaux!

The “VLEERMUIS” is a full brother of the super racer the “NEO BEER” winner of the 2nd Nat. ZLU AGEN (1st SNZH) and 11th Nat. S2 Cahors.

The “VLEERMUIS“ won:

  • 32nd Nat. Pau ZLU 2016 against 3788 birds
  • 143rd Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2016 against 3387 birds
  • 368th Nat. Narbonne/Bram ZLU 2016 against 5042 birds

Previously won:

  • 33rd Nat. S2 Cahors 2014 against 4.176 birds
  • 258th NPO Section 2 Cahors 2015 against 5.279 birds
  • 436th Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2013 against 4.515 d birds
  • 529th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2016 against 3.714 birds
  • 733rd Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2015 against 5.338 birds
  • 910th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2014 against 3.824 birds
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