The new season is approaching

Every period in the year has its charm. The days are now getting shorter and we are approaching December 21, the shortest day of the year in terms of daylight. An important turning point for nature. Until then we will finish building and after that we will build up again. I am definitely trying to follow this time with my pigeons. There is no lighting and therefore no winter breeding here in the lofts. In fact, I try to let them moult as late as possible. The pigeons are now kept lighter and tighter. And the regularity/routine is also loosen up a bit too. I usually start with a winter regime when the pigeons have lost their last flights. In addition to lighter feed, the pigeons also receive a lot of grit and stone and some by-products to help increase the resistance.

In January the caroussel will start again and we will work step by step up to the breeding season and then the racing season. In January everything gets a PMV vaccination with Pox and are dewormed. The only thing that happens blindly in the lofts.

Here in the lofts the breeding and racing processes are almost completely separate. The future is being worked on at the new breeding center. The racers do not raise any youngsters for the season. Only eggs from the best are used. The racers raise some late youngsters after the season and then go back to nature after the season is finished.