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Beautiful son of the famous top breeder “TARBES VAN OPHUIZEN”. Mother is the “PAARSBORST 065” and a full daughter of the phenomenon “DE PAARSBORST”.

The “Tarbes van Ophuizen” (NL07-1058498) is a top base breeder at the loft of Piet de Vogel and is a great value for the base. This special pigeon is 100 Florizoone and grandson of the 1st National Barcelona (B) and the 2nd National Dax (B)

“Tarbes van Ophuizen” was a great racer at the loft of Fons van Ophuizen:

  • 6e nat. Tarbes ’09 3.601 p.
  • 85e int. Tarbes 12.849 p.
  • 8e prov. Pau ’09 335 p.
  • 25e prov. Bordeaux ’08 509 p.

Won 3/3 before he was purchased by Piet de Vogel!
The TARBES 183 won himself
6e Nat Ace Pigeon ZLU Agen ’14-’16 and wins 8x prize on the international ZLU races.

In 2016

  • 196e Nat Agen ZLU 6.887 p.
  • 662e Nat NArbonne ZLU 5.042 p.

In 2015

  • 94e Nat Agen ZLU 6638 p.
  • 275e Nat Marseille ZLU 3.610 p.
  • 1007e Nat Perpignan ZLU 5.589 p.

In 2014

  • 493e Nat Agen ZLU 5.910 p.
  • 780e Nat Narbonne ZLu 6.650 p.

In 2013

  • 538e Nat. Narbonne ZLU 4.515 p.
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