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Project Description


  • 1st International Bordeaux Agen 2014 Yearlings 8.845 birds
  • 1st National Agen Germany 2014

Fastest of the entire liberation of 20.072 birds.
A lovely dark chequered cock with an amazing appearance and noble descent. Bred and raced by Karl Heinz Kanski and after his International victory was purchased by Piet de Vogel. One of the many top acquisitions of proven National winners and ace pigeons. To make the strain that little bit faster with proven winners and good origin. Birds like the “PAARSBORST”, “CAS”, “TARBES”, “LEVI” led the way. He is a grandson of the renowned “691” Bolting x Wijnands.

  • 2nd Ace Pigeon Germany International races 2011
  • 10th Nat. Bordeaux 2009
  • 15th Nat. Barcelona 2010
  • 37th Nat. Barcelona 2011
  • 5th Nat. Perpignan 2011!!!!!!

He is also a grandson of the ‘Marseille’ who won the 2nd National and 7th International Marseille along with the 13th National Bordeaux in 2010.

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