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Top breeder bred from the golden foundation cock “JONGE STAYER”. The absolute grandfather of the colony x DAUGHTER PAU”, a daughter of the absolute source cock of Ko van Dommelen, St Philipsland.

A TOP BREEDER, especially when paired to the “Hulk 159”!! Daughter of the renowned source pair Jonge Stayer x Bonte Belofte. Aarden in optima forma! Dam to the Bonte Hulk – Marseille Hulk – Narbonne 2 hen! They won a 9th Nat. Narbonne 2013 – 43rd Nat. Marseille 2013 – 70th Nat. Pau 2014 etc!!!

Sire 97-695 “Jonge Stayer”
The “JONGE STAYER”. This son of the International Ace Pigeon Marathon 1996 named the “Stayer” of Jac Steketee is definitely one of the best marathon breeders of his generation! This blue cock, of 100 Jan Aarden origin, is responsible for 75 of the successes obtained in the loft of Piet de Vogel, here are some of his sons: PAUMAN – BLUE THUNDER -MARSEILLEMAN -BARCELONAMAN Etc.
And in the second and third generation he produced some super pigeons!

What about the current foundation hen in lot number 3, the “SUPER 735” Dam “BONTE BELOFTE” 07-201 An excellent stock hen, she is grandmother of numerous toppers of Piet de Vogel, the likes of the Marseille HULK, Bonte Hulk, Narbonne 1, Narbonne 2 etc. Daughter of the royal couple PAU x OLIEBONTJE. A famous hen bred from the Zwarte Pau! OLIEBONTJE is a top breeder and for example dam to the BULLDOZER 1st Ace Pigeon ZLU 2012 WHZB.

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