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Project Description


Top hen from the best lines of Ko van Dommelen x Jac Steketee!

  • As a yearling she was already top from the one-day races and after that from NARBONNE ZLU 954 km
  • 2nd NIC
  • 9th Nat. 4.515 b.
  • 4th Nat. Hens
  • 14th International Yearlings 7.859 b.
  • 8th International Hens 4.637 b.
  • 324th Nat. Agen ZLU 2014

Bred from the “HULK 159”, a top breeder and son of the renowned ”JONGE HULK”, Ko van Dommelen! The Best International Long Distance Pigeon PIPA IATP ranking over a period of 5 years.

Dam is the 09-261 “STAYER HEN
Another top breeder from the golden foundation cock named the “JONGE STAYER” The absolute grandfather of the colony x DAUGHTER PAU”, a daughter of the absolute source cock of Ko van Dommelen, St Philipsland
A TOP BREEDER, especially when paired to the `Hulk 159`!! Daughter of the renowned source pair Jonge Stayer x Bonte Belofte. Aarden in optima forma! Dam to the Bonte Hulk – Marseille Hulk – Narbonne 2 hen! They won a 9th Nat. Narbonne 2013 – 43rd Nat. Marseille 2013 – 70th Nat. Pau 2014 etc.!!!

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