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Project Description


Barcelona will be one of the most important main goals for Piet de Vogel!
That is why the best sale of Hub Smeets was seized on his best pigeon. “THE LIEVELING BARCELONA” He won
’12 48 Nat.NPO Bordeaux 13.937 p.
’13 5735 Int. Nat Barcelona 25.294 p.
’14 146 Nat. Barcelona 5.423 p.
’14 699 Nat. Narbonne 6.650 p.
’15 354 Nat. Barcelona 5.183 p.
’16 5e Nat. Barcelona 5.239 p.

Became 2nd Golden Barcelona Ace Pigeon ZLU about ’14 -’16
Salient detail, his cousin SHERPA became Arco van Vliet’s 1st Golden Barcelona Ace Pigeon ZLU over ’14 -’16
“De Lieveling” from Hub comes from “de Witpen Barcelona” with 4 prizes at Barcelona and the 30th nat. 2009 as the best price. On our father’s side we still come to “Oude Sheuq” with 6 prizes at Barcelona, mixed with some “Abor blood” through fellow townsman Ruud Botterweck. On the mother’s side we encounter the “Barcelona 3” several times. Here we get immediate insight into the breeding philosophy of Hub. Through inbreeding and a few crossings to try a new topper and then pair back to the tribe.


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