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Project Description


A daughter of “ROSANNA”, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2015 raced by Kees Droog in Andijk at a race distance of almost 1300 km. she won the 1st National and the 2nd International in tropical conditions with headwinds! The sensation of 2015. “ROSANNA” originates from the old Aarden basis of Kees Droog with the “Müller”, Cees v/d Laan bloodlines!

The sire is the ‘GOUDEN 10”. Fantastic racing and breeding pigeons of Fré de Boer.
He won the following prizes himself:

  • 1st National Cahors 2010 at the longest distance (also the earliest time)
  • 7th National Bordeaux 2010
  • 12th National Montauban 2009
  • 53rd Nat. Cahors 2010.

He won four early prizes from his four races! A unique racing pigeon containing a lot of the bloodlines of Nico Volkens and already grandsire to the 1st International Pau 2016!

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