Project Description


Beautiful pigeon and full son of the super breeder “MAX” from the golden Barcelona lines of Frans Bungeneers. He is therefore a half-brother of the famous BARCELONA DUIVIN!

“DELTAMAX” wins 4 and 4 and flies earlier and earlier. In 2018 he wins 2x top 100 National ZLU in Barcelona and Narbonne.
On his mother’s side he descends via Jan Polder from the STRIKJE from CARPE DIEM x DELTA QUEEN (WHITE MAP, ORHAN, MYRA) and then we are talking about pure Barcelona gold.

  • 2018 40 Nat. Barcelona ZLU 3.912p.
  • 2018 93 Nat. Narbonne ZLU 3.082p.
  • 2017 403 Nat Barcelona ZLU 4.504 p.
  • 2016 22 Agen 328 d. 1 day (880 km)
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