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This inbred grandson of the “JONGE STAYER” and the “PAARSBORST” is a top racer!

He is a direct son of the renowned son of the “JONGE STAYER” paired to the “DAUGHTER CARTIER” (1st Nat. Perpignan Bel. Raced by George CARTEUS of Ronse) the “BLUE THUNDER”.

A topper who won the 4th, 10th and 20th National!! 6 times in the top 100 National. The “Thunderborst 886” was crowned 2nd Ace Pigeon ZLU North- and South-Holland 2011 and 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2011
Winner of the:

  • 8th Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2011 against 3.968 birds
  • 46th Nat. Pau ZLU 2011 against 2.706 birds
  • 73rd Nat. Bordeaux ZLU 2010 against 3.987 birds
  • 150th Nat. Tarbes ZLU 2010 against 2.950 birds
  • 194th Nat. St Vincent ZLU 2013 against 3.294 birds
  • 221st Nat. Pau ZLU 2013 against 3.126 birds
  • 245th Nat. Tarbes ZLU 2011 against 2.823 birds
  • 1052nd Nat. Perpignan ZLU 2013 against 4.985 birds
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