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A beautiful son of two National top pigeons “PAARSBORST” x “SUPER 735”

The “Paarsborst” winner of a unique list of honours raced by Ko van Dommelen and afterwards was sold to Piet de Vogel.

His list of honours

  • 1st Nat. Dax ZLU ’06, 3.260 b.
  • 2nd Int. Dax ’06, 11.517 b.
  • 1st Nat. Time Trial Lourdes ’05
  • 33rd Nat. Pau ’05, 3.077 b.
  • 208th Nat. Perpignan ’05, 6.299 b.
  • 219th Le Mans ’05, 12.884 b.
  • 1st Ruffec ’04, 71 b.
  • 1st La Souterraine ’04, 128 b.
  • 4th Chateauroux ’04, 86 b.
  • 19th Tours ’04, 143 b.

The ”PAARSBORST” was bred from

the “Ultieme” NL02-1735989. A half-brother of the “Zwarte Pau”. He in turn was bred from the “Pau” NL96-005 winner of 2 prizes in the first 100 National Pau x “`t Inteeltje Bordeaux” NL94-142, a daughter of the top pair “Zwarte Deugniet” NL94-027, who won 1st Nat. Bordeaux and 1st Int. Bordeaux `95 x “`t Late Lichtje Barcelona” NL93-987.

`t Casje Vermeulen” NL97-1595272. Direct Cas de Graaff, Arnemuiden. She was bred from the “91” NL88-191 (brother of the dam to “Zeeuws Meisje” of Vertelman & Son) x “`t 406 Duifje” NL95-406, a daughter of the renowned “800” NL86-800 x “`t 630” NL91-630

The 07-735 ‘Super 735”

Magnificent chequer tipped hen with an amazing eye and appearance. Source hen!

A beautiful classy hen that was bred from the: “CONTADOR” x “STAYER 476”
Two top racing pigeons who were put to stock at an early age.

“CONTADOR” bred from the old lines won as a yearling the 3rd Regional and the 52nd National Bordeaux ZLU.

“STAYER 476 “hen won a good prize from Perpignan and was sold to Taiwan after that. She is a daughter of the famous source cock “JONGE STAYER”

The “SUPER 735” won herself:

  • 6th National Cahors’11 10.381 b.
  • 14th National Bergerac’11 6.462 b.
  • 35th National Montauban’09 8.514 b.
  • 55th Nat Narbonne Hens 856 b.

2011 4th Ace Pigeon NPO Afternoon Liberations
In the meantime, she is already a super breeder! Not only in my own loft!

Descendants raced by the Janssen Brothers of Gennip won: 2013 from a very tough Cahors National against 10.624 birds
a yearling won the 96th National at the longest distance. 828 m/min. (granddaughter Super 735) 2014 from a very tough Dax, 11th National against 8.398 birds at the longest race distance. 1042m/min. (grandson Super 735) 2015 Bergerac, 9th National Bergerac 4.662 b.

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