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Project Description


A beautiful cock from an Aarden x Florizoone origin bred from the crack “TARBES” x “FRANSIEN”.

The “CAHORS” got his name because of his regional victory from CAHORS morning liberation in 2012. He won the 1st against 401 birds.

His sire named the “TARBES” was an excellent racer and breeder and won in his short career in the loft of the late Fons van Ophuizen 3 top prizes including the 6th National Tarbes ZLU against 3.601 birds in 2009. He was a grandson of one the renowned birds of Florizoone, “BARCELONA” winner 1st National Barcelona 1999 against 13.966 birds and the 9th International and the “DAX” who won 2nd National Dax 1999 and 3rd International! “FRANSIEN” was a daughter of the source breeder of Frans van Peperstraten (Van Geel) paired to a half-sister of the 1st National Bergerac of Rik Ros.

The “CAHORS” won 11 top positions from the marathon races with a morning liberation along with numerous good one-day LD prizes at distances between 500 and 600 km!

  • 79th Nat. St Vincent ZLU 2014 against 3.824 birds
  • 81st Nat. S2 Cahors 2014 against 4.176 birds; morning liberation
  • 92nd Nat. Pau ZLU 2015 against 3.433 birds
  • 113th Nat. Perpignan ZLU 2016 against 4.027 birds
  • 179th Nat. Narbonne ZLU 2015 against 5.338 birds
  • 195th Nat. S2 Cahors 2012 against 5.571 birds; morning liberation
  • 203rd Nat. St. Vincent ZLU 2016 against 3.387 birds
  • 208th Nat. St Vincent ZLU 2015 against 3.714 birds
  • 248th Nat. St Vincent ZLU 2013 against 3.294 birds
  • 265th Nat. Perpignan ZLU 2013 against 4.978 birds
  • 558th Nat. Perpignan ZLU 2014 against 6.414 birds
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