The new breeding center

This breeding center was put into use at the end of 2017 and for me this was a milestone! I have a lot of fun with it and the ease of it. It is a really nice accomodation where the pigeons do very well. However, with only a nice accomodation you are not quite ready. At all times it concerns the quality of the pigeons! And that is why I am step by step strengthening the breeding base. Here too, the selection is based on breeding results, but also taken into consideration is which way I want to proceed with my breeding plans. That is why regular top material disappears which no longer fits into this picture. FOCUS remains important in everything you do. After the sale of the breeders, the last few years I have worked on a “come back“ and the construction of a new pigeon colony. As always with trial and error because pigeon racing is a difficult game in practice. The structure is of course based on my old lines of the PAARSBORST – JONGE STAYER – BEER – TARBES etc.

My ZLU ace pigeons have almost all gone to the breeding loft and form the foundation. Complemented with the best of Wijnands and most recently Jos Martens. For Barcelona MAX and the Bungeneers de Heijde pigeons form the basis and complemented with MISTER GIJS and the best of Jellema. And we are constantly looking for new couples! We scout a bit. The advantage is that I have been to many lofts on the basis of Toppigeons and I know a lot of pigeon strains from the inside and out.

But paper is patient and ultimately it is nevertheless very hard to get results for yourself as well as others with your pigeons. These are hard facts with which you can and must realize because dreaming behind beautiful pigeon photos and pedigrees does not take you any further!
I am very pleased that the new team had done well in the tough, but oh so beautiful and fair season in 2018. The team was small in number, but stood strong! With another National ZLU Ace Pigeon (Perpignan) there! These 3 ZLU Ace Pigeons now all 3 go to the breeding loft.